Feb, 11 ,2003     Charlie's Angels Shocker: Lucy Liu's dad is white!!!
 Feb, 11 ,2003 Full Article
 Feb, 11 ,2003 MANAA Email to McG
Mar 25, '03     Better Luck Tomorrow Special Screening and Reception!
 Mar 26, '03 Official Movie Trailer
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Unknown     David Henry Hwang's Flower Drum Song
 Unknown a review by Robert Payne
Unknown     The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
 Unknown Commentary by Robert Payne
Feb, 2003     Fast & Furious Franchise Continues to Keep Asian Males Out of the Spotlight
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 Sep 20,2002 Email to Universal Pictures
 Oct 21,2002 Universal Pictures Reply
 Nov 15,2002 MANAA's Reply to Universal's Reply
Feb 11, 2003     Ugly racial stereotyping on the Tonight Show of Feb 11, 2003
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Feb 7, 2003     U.S. Rep. Howard Coble, R-6th, about Japanese internment during World War II
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Feb 5, 2003     Letter to David Letterman
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Feb 5, 2003     MANAA 10th Anniversary Awards Dinner
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