Dear Mr. Leno,


Because this is a matter the Asian American community feels strongly about fixing, the Korean American Coalition, the Organization of Chinese American, and the Median Action Network for Asian Americans come to you as a united front.


We are disappointed and upset at your highly racist and insensitive remark you made on February 11, when you once again made a crack about Koreans eating dogs.  This coming off a meeting with Karen Nagasaki and the Korean American coalition where you made to light how offensive and damaging this comment is and agreed never to do this again.  You already know that this racist stereotype have been haunting our people for generations, helping other people to visualize us as less American and less human.  You already know that this a touchy subject for a lot of your consumers that watch and support your show, sponsors, and you network.  It was already made clear to you that your show would never make a racist comment of equal offense about Blacks or even Latinos, but you continue to not treat Asians and Asian Americans with equal respect.


We need to meet on this matter as soon as possible.  We demand to know why you when back on your word and seemingly dare us to take more drastic measures.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.