Once again everyone’s worst nightmare is rearing its ugly head. The highly offensive internet cartoon “Mr. Wong” has been released on DVD by National Lampoon and Maverick Entertainment. For those who don’t know, Mr. Wong is an 85-year-old hunchbacked Chinese houseboy in the service of a Caucasian socialite. He is depicted as a lemon-yellow buffoon with slanted eyes, bucked teeth and tortured pronunciation. The DVD was released on February 17th and is in many retailers.

MANAA, along with several other Asian groups have protested this cartoon in the past to much success. But for some reason, companies still believe this is a money making commodity – let’s prove them otherwise.

First, we ask our members and supporters to write or call Maverick Entertainment president Doug Schwab. Maverick is one of the major distributors of Latin and African American themed films. They have done a lot to advance the positive image of the Latino and African American minorities therefore it upsets us that they disregard the need to have positive Asian American images for the American Audience - use this argument when you write/call him.

Their address is:

1191 E Newport Center Drive, Suite 210, Deerfield Beach, Fl 33442.

Their phone number is 954-422-8811!

Second, contact all the websites that are offering the DVD here’s a list: