Early Movie Script Review by MANAA

Through its trailer, a tipster noticed that Russell Wong was in this film (staring Ashley Judd), so MANAA decided to grab a hold of the script to see if there is anything offensive in this film. First and foremost the only people that might be offended are people with a faint heart. This is a mystery thriller that showcases several very gruesome killings, but beyond this, there is nothing negative towards Asians or Asian Americans.

Unfortunately we got a hold of an earlier draft (approximately three months before production) that did not have Russell’s character, Lieutenant Tong, so we have no knowledge how the character was written. We will try to get more information from Paramount and the filmmakers but overall we view this as a positive sign. Between these three months, someone alerted the writer, producers, and director that this film takes place in San Francisco and therefore should have a character of Chinese decent. What is also refreshing is that they could have just hired a hundred Chinese Extras, or given one or two Asian American one-liners as cops or store owners. But instead they chose to develop a significant Asian Character of authority on the side of good.

We will be watching this closely and provide more information when we can, but if anyone knows more information about the movie and Russell’s character please let us know.

TWISTED will be released nationwide on February 27.